Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking Workshop

In his latest "E-Book," Gordon Wallis of Visual Communication States, a company dedicated to providing non-verbal communication and sound techniques, gives the Overcome Fear of Public Speaking Workshop. If you're an average Joe or Jane who is still having trouble accepting the fact that they may have to speak in public, then I suggest you take this workshop. First of all, I want to compliment Sean G. Gordon on his new e-book. This is one of the best I've ever come across on online communication. It's about five hundred pages long and it's well-written, easy to read, and comes with a free audio download of the same book. That's great, but now the question becomes: what is this different concept from his earlier work? While overcoming fear of public speaking is very common, I don't think many people really understand the concept. Many voice actors, for example, begin their careers as script writers. So if they don't want to act, they become a writer